Private  PUBG Lite Hack  featuring  Bone Aimbot ,

 3D ESP & 2D Radar  lets you feast on chicken dinner!

Aimbot Features

  • Enable Aimbot
  • Aimkey Lock-On
  • Visibility Checks
  • Field of View
  • Smooth Aiming
  • Custom Activation Key
  • Lock-On Message
  • Custom Aim Modes
  • Stick-To-Target
  • Target Switching
  • Aim Prediction

3D ESP Features

  • 3D Box ESP
  • Name ESP
  • Head Dot ESP
  • Health-Bar ESP
  • Player ESP
  • Health ESP
  • Distance ESP
  • Distance Filtering
  • ESP Type Filtering
  • ESP Custom Colors

Wallhax Enhanced

  • 2D Radar
  • Secure Wallhax Client
  • Cloud Cheat Streaming
  • Windows 10 Support
  • Easy In-Game Menu
  • Controllers Suppoted
  • Mouse Menu Control
  • Customize Menu Key
  • Frequent Updates
  • VIP Support Forum
  • Save/Load Settings

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Easily win every match of PUBG lite you play. Hunt down your opponents to gear up in each round, and easily eliminate anyone who stands in your way of reaching the final circle.

With always-on assistance from the fully-revealing 3D Player ESP, you can see the locations of all nearby players to ensure you are never out of position and can move tactically to ambush or intercept your opponents.

Lock-on to your opponents and eliminate them with the deadly aimbot including our bullet prediction. Note: This is a high risk feature.

Keep track of threats in your surroundings at all time with 2D Radar features, always showing you the exact positioning of threats in a 360 degree radius around you. Essential when camping to avoid getting snuck up on from behind.

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  • An aimbot with bullet prediction makes eliminating entire squads easy, with a host of customization options.
  • 3D ESP lets you track every opponent with options Nametags, Boxes, Healthbars and more. Use your tactical advantage to always engage your opponents with the upper hand!
  • The 360 degree 2D radar cheat helps you keep situational awareness and avoid getting snuck up on while camping.
  • Easily stream the PUBG hack from our dedicated cheat client that loads your cheat in seconds.

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How You Can Dominate With A PUBG Lite Hack!

PUBG stands for PlayerUnknown BattleGrounds. It’s a popular battle royale shooter game where a certain number of players go into a field of play together, and the process of elimination leaves only one victor. The game is popular on PCs, Xbox consoles, and PlayStations.

The PUBG Mobile game is an Android-optimized version of the game using the Unreal 4 Engine for play on mobile devices without a lot of RAM and a weaker processor, or on less powerful computers. The number of active players on a single card is 40 instead of 100, and the map itself is smaller.

The 'Lite' version of the game is on PC and is designed to run on PCs with lower specs.

Original PUBG vs Lite

Even if the map and number of players is smaller, the game is still essentially the same as the full version. If you love playing regular PUBG, then 'Lite' is still a great experience.

Likewise, if you don’t have a console or gaming computer and just want to see why this game is so popular, then downloading the mobile version to your smartphone is a great way to find out why millions love competing in these battle royales around the clock and even around the world.

Cheating In PUBG On PC

Unlock The Best Outfits & Customization In PUBG Lite

There’s not usually a serious prize for winning the game, other than bragging rights and the infamous ‘winner winner chicken dinner’ screen the game is known for. However, there are cash and points earned in the game for various accomplishments, kills you get, and how long you survive.

These earnings can be cashed in for rewards such as custom parachutes your player jumps in with, customization options for your player character, clothes, gear, and weapons skins. There can be a psychological advantage on the battlefield to have customized your character as you see fit because opponents will look at you and know that you’ve spent some considerable time in the game.

Hack Features in PUBG Lite

Progress quickly in the game by applying the PUBG Lite Hack. The cheat features like an aimbot, and 3D cheat ESP give you the upper-hand when you play against other players to help you earn more currency by winning matches and getting more kills. By doing so consistently, you can buy the gear, clothes, weapon skins, and customization options to your heart’s content. It makes the game a lot more fun because you have so many strategic approaches to how you make your character appear. You can make it outrageous in appearance just to get a laugh and for the fun of it, although if opponents laugh too, that might be just enough time for you to blow their heads off.

For that matter, you can even find items, weapon skins, and clothes that help you blend in with the environment of the island everyone is playing on. Many of the things you can buy with the extra coins the PUBG Lite Hack gives you can be put together as a somewhat camouflage outfit that helps you blend with anything you take cover behind or under. The stealth approach is a valid way to play the game, as survival means you get closer to that chicken dinner that everyone is fighting for.