Halo Combat Evolved PC Hacks

Private Halo Combat Evolved PC Hacks

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Halo Combat Evolved Anniversary PC Hacks

Hacks and cheats make legendary games like Halo: Combat Evolved even more enjoyable. Considering the game was released in 2001, there is still a hugely dedicated community surrounding hacks and glitches for Halo 1. If you’re looking to experience the game as you’ve never experienced it before, you should try out some of the popular hacks available. Here’s everything you need to know about Halo: CE hacks for the PC.

Combat Evolved Aimbot for Perfect Kills 

One of the most popular hacks available for Halo is aimbots, which allow you to kill enemies in insane levels of accuracy and precision. These bots are programmed to directly target enemies in a manner that’s as quick as possible. The aiming witnessed through using these bots is so fast that it’s simply impossible for a human to possess the same levels of skill and accuracy. Using an aimbot can make playing the game much more enjoyable as you kill your enemies effortlessly with perfect headshots.

Cheats in Halo Combat Evolved

  • Lock-On Bone Aimbots
  • ESP To See Locations of All Players
  • On-Screen 2D Radar
  • In-Game Menu For Cheat Config
  • Cheat Launcher To Securely Load Your Hack

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Original Halo Combat Evolved Cheats

The features listed below were possible in the original Combat Evolved on PC, sometimes only in singleplayer or modded multiplayer. Most of these features will only be possible in singleplayer in Halo: The Master Chief Collection for PC.

God Mode and Invincibility 

Many Halo: CE hacks for the original game on PC include invincibility, otherwise known as "god mode." Invincibility means you never die from damage received by enemies. Many fans of Halo have great fun with this hack as they run around the map taking endless attacks without ever dying. Some people like to speed run the game using invincibility as they run from checkpoint to checkpoint without needing to worry about their health. Using a cheat like invincibility makes you enjoy the game in a unique fashion that would be impossible without using hacks. That said, these features are likely not possible in the 2020 version of the game as part of the Halo: Master Chief Collection.

Unlimited Ammunition and No Recoil

Ammunition is sparse in Halo, which means that your favorite weapon only has a few uses before it’s empty and useless. Through using hacks, unlimited ammunition and weapons with no recoil are possible. Some of the most popular weapons in the game can only be used a handful of times using no cheats. However, with unlimited ammunition, it’s very possible to endlessly use tremendously powerful guns for as long as you desire. Many fans take great enjoyment in using secret and powerful weapons with unlimited ammo for the entire duration of their favorite missions.


Yet another cool hack for Halo on PC is invisibility, which makes Master Chief invisible whenever the cheat is toggled on. Invisibility means enemies cannot spot you, allowing you to freely traverse the map without any worry about being spotted or killed. Invisibility makes many story missions much more enjoyable as it provides a unique experience where you can complete aspects of the story without having to kill anything. Toggling invisibility on and off throughout battles also serves as a useful tactical tool, allowing you to evade attacks and ambush enemies. 

Infinite Flashlight

Missions set in dark areas or at night in Halo may be challenging without using a flashlight. However, flashlights are only available for a set period of time without hacks. Many gamers recall experiences of frustrating circumstances where their flashlight runs out at key moments during battles with enemies. Using the infinite flashlight hack, the worry about the flashlight running out of power disappears. The hack allows a constant and never-ending usage of the flashlight, making fights set in the dark much easier.

Freeze Time

One of the coolest hacks for Halo on PC is freezing time. The hack freezes the entire map, meaning enemies are paused in their current position. Lots of gamers have fun by freezing the game and setting up traps in front of enemies before unfreezing the game. There are lots of possibilities for fun using the freeze time hack as playing with frozen characters is an experience impossible in the regular form of the game.

Instant Kills

Some of the toughest enemies in Halo require multiple weapons in order to kill. The instant kill hack makes all enemies die in exactly one hit from any one of your weapons. Lots of Halo fans find it hilarious as they kill some of the toughest enemies in the game using a single pistol shot or melee attack. The instantaneous kill cheat means that the hit points of every single enemy in the game, whether they are the weakest or strongest, is set to one. Playing through the entire game with the instant kill hack makes Master Chief seem like an unstoppable killing machine.


While many of these cheats like God Mode will only be possible in the singleplayer of Halo: Master Chief Collection and Combat Evolved Anniversary on PC, Wallhax's private cheat is loaded with features for multiplayer including our deadly bone aimbot, ESP and 2D Radar. Also be sure to check out our Halo: Infinite cheats.