How To Stay Undetected Cheating in Battlefield 1

Hacking in Battlefield 1 is the easiest way to rank up fast, unlock more skins, and get all the best gear available to you. You’ll earn many thousands of XP per battle more than you normally could, and will be able to boost your stats like your accuracy and K/D ratio as you gain more kills and die far less. But you probably don’t want to get banned in the process!

Battlefield 1's Fairfight Tries to Detect Cheating
Battlefield 1’s Fairfight Tries to Detect Cheating

Battlefield 1 Cheats and Detection Risk

Each available BF1 cheat feature offers a different function and can assist you differently. Some features are safer to use than others.

BF1 Bone Aimbot

This is the riskiest cheat to use in Battlefield 1. The aimbot will move your crosshair and lock on to enemies, making you incredibly accurate and enabling you to take out entire squads of enemy players. You can configure your aimbot depending on how deadly you want to be, adjusting the field of view it activates within, how fast it aims, and where it targets the enemy bodies. This feature is one of the riskiest because Fairfight, Battlefield 1’s anticheat, has algorithms designed to detect the movement of aimbots, as well as using information like accuracy to determine how likely it is that you are cheating.

Player ESP (Extra Sensory Perception)

Player ESP is similar to a wallhack in that it lets you see where enemies are at any given time. ESP will offer multiple different features, from boxes drawn around players, to nametags, health info, skeletons and more. ESP by itself is still an incredibly useful cheat as you can use it to hunt down enemy players with ease, as well as avoid getting caught by surprise by a camping opponent. ESP can, however, also make you too good. With this feature, you can act in a way that makes it obvious you are cheating, by running directly for opponents or looking through walls at them. In this way, if you are being spectated you can be caught. Fairfight can also detect you if you spend a lot of time staring directly at opponents through walls, tracking or pre-firing at them. For this reason, we would rate ESP as a medium risk cheat. You should try to avoid obviously cheating while using it.

No Recoil & No Spread

These features remove bullet spread and recoil from your weapon. With these features, you’ll be super accurate even without using the aimbot, since you won’t have to worry about bullet spread even over long distances, or the recoil as you fire. A support soldier with an LMG can absolutely waste opponents with these features. The risk of these features is that it is possible for them to be detected if the game developers know what they are doing. Also, these features will cause your accuracy to be higher than normal, which may make you look more like a cheater to Fairfight. Still, it’s safer to use these features than an aimbot.

2D Radar

This is the lowest risk feature we’ll be discussing today. 2D radar appears on your screen as a box that shows dots on it to indicate players around you. With this, you can get a general idea of where opponents are. This feature is more helpful on large, or more sparsely populated maps since you can track enemies near you more easily. It’s not as powerful as other features since you won’t know exactly where opponents are, only a general range and direction.

Overall Battlefield 1 Hack Feature Risks:

  • Bone Aimbot – Highest Risk
  • Player ESP – Medium Risk
  • No Recoil/No Spread – Low/Medium Risk
  • 2D Radar – Lowest Risk

Note that this is specific to Battlefield and Star Wars Battlefront titles as they use Fairfight only for detecting cheats. Fairfight only aims to detect cheats based on how users behave in the game, and they don’t make efforts to detect the cheats themselves. For this reason, it’s more important how you play when cheating. See our undetected BF1 hack in action!