In Anthem Hacks

If you're an Anthem player, you've probably blasted through the game's story missions and have moved on to the endgame. As a looter-shooter, anthem is all about grinding and farming for better gear and unlocks to power up your character even more, and that's where Wallhax's ESP cheats for the game come in.

What is ESP?

This feature which stands for ‘Extra Sensory Perception' is a cheat that draws boxes or other information around entities of interest in the game world. In our cheat for the game, that means that we have boxes, nametags, health and more that shows over enemies in the game world. This is accomplished with injection of code into the game that lets you see enemies through walls or anywhere in the game once they are loaded into memory.

So why use ESP in Anthem?

With your ‘wallhack' enabled, you can easily track down every enemy in a level or zone quickly, and always know where they are. This can give you the upper-hand in any encounter, and if you need to find a particular enemy, make it much easier. On the hardest difficulties, it's also important to maintain situational awareness and avoid getting taken out by a high level opponent.

If you are flying through areas as fast as you can to grind, being able to see the locations of enemies at all times is quite helpful and a handy time-saving feature.

You can find out more about our ESP on our Anthem game hacks page.