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Wallhax’s latest cheat update to our Mordhau hack adds a powerful new feature along with a number of other changes and improvements. The new feature currently in ‘beta’ is the Auto Riposte feature that adds a follow-up counterattack when an opponent attacks you. This new feature punishes those aggressive opponents who attack non-stop and allow you to play a more passive style if you want, waiting until they attack and then striking back. This new option has been added to the cheat menu under our auto-blocking options, along with customization features like “Attack Distance Detection” and “Auto Lock-On Only On Attacks”.

In this video clip, along with the enemy-only ESP, you can see Auto-riposte in action along with our the bot warnings that detect the current actions being taken by both you and other players. With Auto Lock-on, the cheat will turn to respond to attacks from multiple directions, helping out in chaotic team-based battles where you might be up against multiple opponents. Features like this can be toggled or customized based on your preferences. In these battles, you can still be taken down when you have multiple enemies attacking you at once, as you can only block one attack a time. So, as you play Mordhau with Wallhax’s software enabled, you’ll learn how best to utilize it for maximum results, and it’ll only help you develop your Mordhau skills.

Check out the latest Mordhau software changes below. Normally our update notes are only available to our VIP members, but we’ve decided to share them to give people an idea of the changes being made.

  • Added Auto Riposte
    • If Auto Blocking is off, and Auto Riposte is on, the Bot will try to Chamber/Mirror the attack (this is WIP)
  • Local attacks will no longer be cancelled due to incoming attacks
  • Added Rotate on Attacks only
  • Added toggle for bot warnings
  • Stabs will no longer be chambered unless you have auto riposte on
  • Added option between FOV or distance based lock
  • Bot will no longer react to Kicks if enemy is more than 2 meters away


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Create your account and join the Wallhax community today! After sign-up, you’ll be able to purchase a subscription to get access to all Wallhax cheats, including our Mordhau cheat software.


About the Author Wallhax

Wallhax develops private cheats for the top online titles. Get feature packed hacks with the most deadly aimbots, fully revealing ESP, 2D radar and much more, all packaged in an easy-to-use interface and undetected by anti-cheat. Download our hacks now!

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