How To Purchase Hacks With Bitcoin

In our step-by-step guide, you'll see how easy it is to create a wallet and purchase Bitcoin to buy cheats.

Why Purchase & Use Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is one of the easiest ways to purchase cheat access at Wallhax, and for most memberships you can get 10% Bonus subscription time!

If you aren't familiar with cryptocurrency, it's not as difficult as you might think to purchase cryptocurrency to use, and you can use common payment methods like Paypal, Credit Cards, or even bank transfers to purchase Bitcoin. Once you have your wallet created and have some Bitcoin, the purchase process is as simple as scanning a QR code with your Bitcoin wallet!

Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin also have the potential for significant growth. Bitcoin's value increased by 300% in 2020 alone, so not only does holding bitcoin or crypto give you access to more payment options, but it can gain value just holding it in your wallet.

Bitcoin is one of the easiest ways to pay for software or services online, and is quickly gaining popularity. Once you have a Bitcoin wallet you can purchase your cheats easily at Wallhax through our Coinbase checkout and quickly get access to your cheat download!

Create Your Bitcoin Wallet (Where Your Bitcoin Is Stored)

Buying Bitcoin With Coinbase

We recommend creating a wallet at Coinbase. It's easy to download and set-up and works as an app on your phone. 

Why use this Bitcoin wallet?

  • Your first purchase of 100 USD (or other currency equivalent) earns you a $10  bonus.
  • Purchase Bitcoin with any bank card in 100+ countries
  • Make purchases just by scanning a QR code with your phone.
  • Keep your bitcoin safe with 2FA and seed cloud backup.
  • Simple and easy to use platform/app.
  • Sell Bitcoin back to your bank card, or even earn interest on stored cryptocurrencies.

If you don't know what some of this means, don't worry. These features make Coinbase a great wallet to get started with.

First click here to create your account, then continue to purchase Bitcoin. When Bitcoin has been added to your account, you'll be able to use it to purchase through our Coinbase checkout.

One of the perks of using Coinbase is that you can login to your coinbase account when purchasing from us to avoid having to enter your bitcoin wallet addresss manually, which will save time and make it nearly impossible to make any mistakes!

If you have any trouble purchasing through Coinbase, or your country is not one of the 150+ supported, you can also purchase Bitcoin on numerous other websites that are supported in your country, and have it sent to your Coinbase wallet address.

Buy Bitcoin Coinbase on Desktop

Once your Coinbase account is created, you can use the interface to purchase Bitcoin with a bank card or other payment method.

Purchase Your Cheat With Bitcoin

Once your Bitcoin has been added to your wallet and is ready to send, you can now purchase from us with your Bitcoin.

Did you know? You get 10%  bonus subscription time on most of our memberships when you pay via crypto, and there are no automatically recurring subscriptions. You choose when you renew!

1. Visit our Cryptocurrency Purchase Page and login if you have an existing account and are logged out.

Choose your desired subscription, fill out any required information, and click 'Next' on the bottom of the page.

2. Enter an email where you can receive a receipt for your purchase.
On the next screen, click to 'Pay with Coinbase' if you have a Coinbase account. Or if you are using another bitcoin wallet, simply select 'Bitcoin'.

Coinbase Email
Payment Choice

3. Use your funded Coinbase account to send bitcoin from your wallet, or if using a separate wallet app you can likely scan the QR code to auto-fill the address and amount of crypto to send.

Get Your Access!

After you have sent the payment, you just have to wait for the transaction to be confirmed by the Bitcoin network. The amount of time this takes can vary based on how many transactions are being made over the network, so it could take only a few minutes, or up to a few hours.

When the system has confirmed the transaction, your purchase will automatically be added in your membership area. You will be able to view all subscriber-only forums as well as download our cheat client so you can get started!

If you have any questions regarding your purchase, you can reach out to us at our billing helpdesk.