Want to sell the best private cheats online?

Wallhax is looking for experienced sellers in Turkey, Russia, and China

At Wallhax, we sell some of the best cheats for the top online games. We have a world-wide membership, but it can be more difficult for visitors in some regions to access our products. That’s why we’re looking to partner with experienced sellers in China, Russia, and Turkey to give their customers access to the top software and ensure a great experience for them.

As a Wallhax Reseller, you’ll be able to buy bulk keys from us at a discounted rate that grant your customers access to our reseller client that is localized for your region’s language. You’ll provide support for your customers to ensure the best possible user experience, and you’ll be able to contact us should any issues arise.

Why Wallhax?

At Wallhax we boast some of the top cheats for online games, with a highly experienced team that can develop best-in-class ESP and Silent Aimbots. Our cheats are loaded with features, and easy to use and configure with our mouse-driven in-game menu. We also work hard to keep our software updated and undetected with multi-layer security in both our cheats and standalone cheat client.

We’re also often the first to support new games, like with our day one Battlefield 1 beta hack release and day one The Division hack. While other sellers may be waiting days or weeks for a cheat to be made, you can capture the lion’s share of customers who are looking for a cheat on release day.

 Reseller Advantages

  • Be Recognized as an official reseller of Wallhax
  • Have an opportunity to sell some of the best private cheats!
  • Reseller Cheat Client localized into your language
  • Discount on Reseller Key purchases

Want to work with us?

What we’re looking for from our reseller partners:

  1. A Decent understanding of English and your market’s language.
  2. Already a seller of products in your market.
  3. The ability to handle the support of your customers.
  4. An existing shop/store website we can review where you currently sell products.

Please create a Wallhax forum account and Private Message Slytiger with the following information:

  • Your First Name
  • The Market/Region you sell in
  • Your English language ability as well as your Region language’s speaking ability
  • What products you have sold prior
  • Approximate sales per month
  • A link to your current website, shop, or store
  • Any additional information you wish to include about yourself or your business!


  • Reseller keys may only be sold on websites we authorize.
  • You may only sell to customers in your region’s language (no english sales.)

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