Win Every Match With The Top Super People Hacks!

Become The Champion

Stay alive to the end and bring home the win with the help of our deadly lock-on aimbot and 3D ESP making it dead simple to eliminate the competition.

Farm Levels & Gold

Level up fast as you get tons of kills in each match you play, and earn piles of gold to unlock new blueprints and bring in your top class or items into each match you play!

Carry Your Squad

Be the MVP of your duo or squad as you carry your team to first place with perfect insight of opponent's movements with the help of the ESP, and insane accuracy with our bone aimbot.

 Loaded With Game-Changing Hacks 

Deadly Bone Aimbot

  • Custom Activation Key
  • Field Of View
  • Auto Fire
  • Smooth Aiming
  • Ping Prediction
  • Stick To Target Option
  • Target Switching Option
  • Target Control System
  • Custom Targeting Priority
  • Auto Aiming Controls
  • Bone Prioritization System
  • FPS Prediction
  • Bullet Speed Prediction
  • Bullet Drop Prediction
  • Aimbot Lock-On Indicator
  • Customize Lock Color/Type

3D ESP Features

  • 3D Player ESP
  • Item ESP
  • 3D Box ESP
  • Custom ESP Box Types
  • Health/Armor ESP
  • Bone ESP
  • Name ESP
  • Character Life Bar
  • Distance ESP
  • Head Dot ESP
  • Line ESP
  • Custom ESP Colors
  • Customize ESP Range
  • ESP Distance Fading
  • Traceline ESP

2D Radar

  • Radar Names/Health/Distance
  • Display FOV
  • Show Enemies/Friendlies
  • Show Projectiles & Vehicles
  • Radar Elevation Indicator
  • Resize & Move Radar
  • Toggle Background
  • Customize Distance Scaling

Wallhax Enhanced

  • Panic Mode (Hide Cheat)
  • Secure Wallhax Client
  • Cloud Cheat Streaming
  • Custom On-Screen Crosshair
  • Easy In-Game Menu
  • Simple To Follow Guides
  • Save/Load Custom Configs
  • On-Screen FPS Indicator
  • Advanced Command Console
  • VIP Support Forum Access
  • Windows 10/11 Compatible

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🎯 Aimbot Domination

Eliminate any enemy in your crosshairs with the help of our lock-on bone aimbot. Get easy headshots, and immediately increase your accuracy with ready-to-use settings.

If you want to adjust things further, take advantage of numerous customizable options available through the in-game cheat menu like aim smoothing, custom FOV, bone prioritization, targeting priority and much more.

🗺 Fully Revealing ESP & Radar

Keep track of where your opposition is on the map at all times, with on-screen 3D ESP that lets you track enemy movements, their health, where they are looking and much more. Always get the drop on your opponents and set up an ambush for an easy kill.

With the help of the 2D Radar, you'll always know where other players are around you, making it easy to avoid being flanked in even the most hectic shootouts.

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  • Compatibility: Windows 10/11 Required.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why Use Super People Cheats On PC?

Would you like to immediately improve your skill in the game? The features included in our hack, like our lock-on aimbot and 3D ESP let you immediately start getting more kills, help you stay alive, and make it to the end of the match to take victory and climb the ranks.

With the help of our aimbot you can immediately start getting kills with easy headshots taking out your opponents before they even know what hit them.

The 3D ESP can also be useful regardless of your skill level. You will always be able to see exactly where nearby players are around you, so no one can ever get the drop on you if you are paying attention. Knowing where the enemy is makes it easy to find the best position to flank them, or decide where to engage them. This lets you get into a good spot with cover while they're out in the open, or take them by surprise by coming up behind them.

What Hack Features Are Available For Super People?

The cheat includes all the features listed near the top of the page, with 30+ features across our deadly aimbot, 3D ESP, and 2D radar. There's also our warning system which can alert you on-screen when an opponent can see you or is actively looking at you.

The aimbot boasts a large number of features that can be customized to your preference for your ideal setup. These settings let you adjust how this cheat behaves, and make it easy to tune it for all out raging, or a more legit style of gameplay.

With our 3D ESP, you can also customize numerous elements, allowing you to completely change how the ESP looks on your screen. We have a number of ESP box styles for instance, from 3D Boxes, to corner-only boxes among others. Many ESP elements can be toggled on and off, from nametags, to health bars, tracelines, and much more.

Are Free Hacks Available For This Game?

As far as we know, there are no free game hacks for Super People. This game uses Battleye for its anti-cheat, which makes it more difficult for hobbyist cheat developers to develop a cheat and keep it undetected. It can be a lot of work to develop and maintain a cheat for a game like this, so only cheat providers with a certain level of expertise are likely to be able to offer a cheat for the long term.

If you are looking for a free cheat, you can check free cheating forums, or check on Youtube, but be aware that most 'free downloads' are fake files or may cause issues on your PC.

Is It Safe To Use Hacks In This Game?

As with any multiplayer game that does not allow cheating, you are taking a risk when you use a cheat. Know that there is no such thing as an 'undetectable' cheat, as with anti-cheat in the game, there is always the risk of a detection.

Make sure you understand that there is a risk involved before you decide to use a cheat for the game. At Wallhax we take many precautions in how our software is written and designed to reduce the risk of a ban.

We also offer a number of options in the cheat menu to adjust the aimbot to let you make it less obvious that you are aimbotting. This can help you avoid player reports which could also later lead to a ban if many players report you.

Where To Find Our Cheat Download For Super People

Wallhax is now offering one of the first hacks for the game, available to anyone with a Super People membership from our shop.

After you sign-up, your members area will update with links to download the cheat software and a guide which includes the steps to load the cheat.

The cheat can then be loaded from our dedicated cheat client software, but be sure to read the guide beforehand to make sure you load it correctly and safely.

Everything You Need To Know About Hacking Super People

  • Intro

  • Aimbots

  • ESP Hacks

  • Wallhacks & Radar


What Is Super People?

Super People is a game that was developed by Wonder People. It's a game that is said to "revolutionize how you think about the Battle Royale genre altogether [1]." This game allows you to take control over a soldier. Each of the playable characters has unique skills and talents that will allow you to engage in different ways. The mission as with other Battle Royale games is to be the last person standing at the end of the match.

Because this is a traditional BR genre game, you are going to want to play competitively. Unfortunately, not everyone has the time it takes to 'get good.' Luckily, a lot of games have hacks that you can download and use to give yourself the edge needed to compete well. Below, you will learn about some of the Super People hacks that you can download and install to give yourself the best possible chance at competing with some of the best players in the game.