Why PC Gamers Use Cheats

According to a survey, gamers who use cheats have more fun in the games they play. In this article, we’ll go into detail about why gamers cheat and what the consequences are for those who do.

Why Do Gamers Use Cheats? Every once in a while you may find yourself asking this question. Sometimes it simply comes out of curiosity, but if you’ve been playing an online game, you’ve probably had the urge to use cheats yourself when you get ‘one shot’ in the head out of the blue. Keep in mind there are single-player cheats known as game trainers, but we are covering multiplayer games in this article.

Hackers can ruin the experience of the game for everyone else. But they can also make you want to use your own cheats in order to get even or keep the match fair for your team. Is the game fun anymore?

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The Desire To Get Even

There are many frustrations in gaming that drive people to hack or cheat. If you get killed, again and again, it can be frustrating. When you are losing, people want to find some way of getting ahead and maintaining a chance of winning. And when they lose unfairly, they want some retribution. This is why Aimbots and ESP cheats are so popular. Whether you are just having a bad game or going up against other cheaters, it can be tempting to turn to game cheats.

A Bit Of History On Game Hacks

Not too long ago, cheating was common in online multiplayer games when people played against each other. The reason for this is that online games were just starting to become popular. The games were still new and there were millions of players wanting to try it out. On top of it was the fact that patches, fixes, and updates weren’t as common as they are now, it was easy for someone to figure out how to cheat in a given game by looking at a walkthrough on the internet. This is because you can’t be banned for exploiting a glitch instead of using an external program or mod.

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The Birth Of Anti-Cheat

Pretty quickly, to combat cheaters, Anti-cheat software began to become more common in online games. This was easy for developers to do because they would add a line of code or two under an Anti-cheat menu and viola, all the cheats were gone. So why didn’t they just use Anti-Cheat software from the start? Because it takes a long time to write it and get it right because of all the different ways that people cheat. It’s like playing chess, you have to deviate your own playstyle in order to stay one step ahead of everyone else. Read more here about ‘undetectable game hacks

PC Cheaters Got Smarter

Of course, game hackers weren’t just going to give up. Game hacks evolved with time. Cheaters began to use software programs that would emulate a mouse or the keyboard in order to perform all sorts of quick combinations and commands. These programs were also able to simulate the movements of your weapons and limbs.

With the most recent aimbots, you have access to incredibly advanced code with logic that the programmer sets to account for movement, ping, FPS, bullet drop, and much more for maximum accuracy, including mouse emulation and smoothing for your aiming.

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The Benefits Of Cheating In Games

Not all cheaters use their hacks to gain an unfair advantage in the game, but if you ask any of them what their reason for using them is, a lot of them will give you the same answer: “It’s fun.” When you use hacks you can top the scoreboards, level up or rank up faster, earn more credits, get more unlocks, and also generally dominate in the game.

It’s always fun to win, and that’s what game hacks offer at the end of the day. You’ll be able to perform much better immediately just by enabling a cheating program.

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