Win Every Match 🏆 With Splitgate Cheats

Want to boost your K:D ratio? Want to be the star player of your team? Want to win every match with ease? In this post, we’re talking about how you can use aimbots and ESP cheats, gain an unfair advantage over the competition in Splitgate.

Is cheating fair? Definitely not. Don’t like it? Don’t read this article. Simple, right?

Anyway, let’s get to the meat and potatoes.

If you want to completely own the top of the scoreboard, and carry your team to victory every match, using aimbot and ESP cheats will give you a massive advantage in Splitgate. If you’ve come up against cheaters before I’m sure you are well aware of how dominant they can be by using these features. If they want to be blatant about it, the second you become visible you’re probably going to be dead.

The question is whether you actually want to use cheats yourself to get an advantage in the game.

Winning With Cheats

Using hacks in Splitgate means being willing to break the game rules and most likely give your opponents no chance of getting in a win. You’ll be getting way more kills than ever before, with features like ESP which shows exactly where other players are in the arena, as well as 2D radar so you can practically have eyes in the back of your head. Trust me, even 2D radar is super helpful since, in smaller arenas, opponents can start spawning behind you. Radar lets you know when opponents are out o your line of sight, so you can avoid getting shot in the back.

If you use cheats in this game, you’re also risking getting a ban on your account. The game developers use a third-party anti-cheat which will attempt to detect cheating in the game. So you could be banned due to software detection. On the upside, Splitgate is free to play, so you aren’t losing any money spent on the game unless you have already opted to purchase items from the cash shop (better to spend your money on cheats in our opinion).

A Quick Look At Splitgate Hacks:

Lock-On Aimbots

An Aimbot works by finding any opponent in your line of sight. It will lock your crosshair to their position and automatically fire at them. You can even adjust the maximum distance that you want to lock on from your screen, so it can be as precise as you want it to be. We include a bunch of aimbot settings you can tweak to make your cheat as deadly as you want.

ESP & Radar Hacks

Ever wanted to know where your opponents are without having to manually check every angle? Just opt for ESP cheats and you’ll have 3D ESP and a 2D radar overlay that shows you all the other players in the match. Both of these features are super helpful for getting first blood or turning the game around if you are losing.

How Do I Use Aimbot & ESP Cheats?

You don’t need any special software to run this kind of cheat in Splitgate, outside of Wallhax’s dedicated cheat client. The software securely loads the latest version of our cheat into the game, and you’re off to the races! Of course, we also include an easy-to-follow cheat guide to get you started.

Interested in getting these features? See our full page on Splitgate cheats.