Stay Undetected With BF1 Hacks

Using Wallhax’s hacks for Battlefield 1? You don’t want to get banned in this game when you can avoid it. Follow our tips in order to keep your game account unbanned while still having a ton of fun cheating online.

Decide if you are alright with getting another account if yours is banned. If you don’t mind getting new accounts or don’t care much about unlocks and ranking up, then you can play however you want without worrying about it. New game accounts can be purchased cheaply on websites like and

For The Lulz

Raging online is the quickest way to get your account banned. ‘Raging‘ refers to using battlefield cheats to their fullest extent, killing anyone you can lock-onto with the aimbot and in general cheating blatantly. This will result not only in player reports but the game’s anti-cheat, fairfight will quickly pick up on the fact that you aren’t behaving like a normal player.

Battlefield 1’s Anticheat

Learn about Fairfight. This is a stats-based anti-cheat system which detects if you are behaving in a way that would indicate cheating. This can mean that you have incredibly high accuracy and only get headshots. Or, it might be that your aim always snaps instantly to players, or you track people you can’t see through walls. Over time their server-side tools can determine that you are doing actions that normal players don’t do, and determine that you’re cheating. It’s good to learn more about how Fairfight works in order to avoid behaving like an obvious cheater to it.

To Aimbot Or Not To Aimbot

Decide if you need to use an aimbot. While an aimbot makes it easy to get kills and achieve a high K/D ratio, it will also likely eventually result in a ban if you use it often as fairfight can pick up on aimbot use over time. So, if you don’t feel like you need it, it may be best to never enable the feature and stick to other cheat features.

If you do want to use a BF1 aimbot, adjust the settings so it looks like you are playing more normally. Using a low FOV so the aimbot will only lock on when you are already looking at an enemy will help. You should also use aim smoothing to slow down how fast it aims, so it doesn’t snap instantly from player to player. Finally, make sure you don’t always use the aimbot set to aim at the head, as normal players won’t always hit enemies in the head. Check out our Battlefield 5 aimbot which will give you a big advantage in every match.

Extrasensory Perception

When you use ESP, always take care to avoid tracking players through walls. It’s easy when you can see exactly where players are even through solid objects that you will naturally want to look at them and track them. However, fairfight watches for this and could eventually determine you are cheating based on this behavior. So, try to watch an area where the opponent is moving towards and camp it, so you can shoot them as soon as they come into view.

Those are some tips to stay undetected when using Wallhax’s Battlefield 1 hack. Check our subscriber-only forums for more guides and tips from our community! Also take a look at our upcoming BF2042 hacks.