Upcoming BF2042 Hacks (2024)

Get the best cheats for Battlefield 2042 at release including deadly aimbots, 3D ESP, Radar and more..

Battlefield 2042 Hacks

Battlefield 2042 launches later this year on October 22

DICE has given us a look at the latest battlefield with their initial trailer, and later gameplay demo in early June.

The game has a new focus on multiplayer, with no singleplayer and an expanded player cap to 128 players which allows for more chaotic gameplay and even more vehicles out on the battlefield.

Hacks for BF2042 will be more powerful than ever with even more players to take down and bigger maps to play on where you can really take advantage of features like ESP and 2D radar to track down your opponents at all time and win objectives for your team.

On this page we'll cover why you may want to use game cheats, what cheat features will be available, and when you'll be able to get your hands on the first game hacks for the latest Battlefield.

Possible BF2042 Cheat Features

  • Deadly Aimbot For 1-Shot Kills
  • 3D Player & Vehicle ESP
  • On-Screen 2D Radar
  • Warning System When Enemy Is Targeting You
  • Auto Spotting System
  • Triggerbot For Inhuman Reaction Time

Why Use Hacks In BF2042?

Battlefield 2042 Cheats

If you're one of the players who has no desire to use cheats in the game at all, more power to you. As for those who are looking to get an advantage in the latest Battlefield game, there are a number of reasons why you might want to turn to the dark side and get access to some powerful cheats that turn you into a multiplayer god.

For one, there will no doubt be many cheaters in Battlefield, just like many other multiplayer games. The lastest installment of the game won't solve cheating once and for all, and no matter what anti-cheat is used in the game, hacks will pop up and you'll have to deal with other players on the opposing team having access to cheats. Well, if you can't beat 'em, join them. With features like aimbots, wallhacks and radar you can even the playing field and give any other cheater a run for their money. It's up to you under what circumstances you use hacks, so you can even choose to only use your aimbot on an opposing hacker to keep them from running rampant over your team.

Advantages To Cheating in 2042:

  • Rank Up Fast For New Ranks & Prestige
  • Unlock new weapons and attachments faster
  • Get rare cosmetic items faster that few people have
  • Top the scoreboards every match and increase your K:D Ratio
  • Carry your friends or clan to victory

For others who want to rank up fast and get tons of kills in a match, they can use these cheats to dominate and help lead their squad and team to victory. With the kind of cheats available in Battlefield games you can take down entire enemy squads and singlehandedly take objective points with the ability to see where other players are at all times, and lock on with an aimbot for easy kills.

If you want to make the most of your battle pass, you can use cheats to complete objectives and challenges even faster, and earn more XP per match to more quickly unlock your next battle pass level and the rewards from doing so.

Aimbots In 2042 - Is It Safe To Use This Cheat Feature?

In previous Battlefield games, cheaters using aimbots can absolutely dominate a match, giving you just about no chance against them unless you you're able to take them out with a vehicle. That said, the anti-cheat used in previous Battlefield titles also is effective at banning the most blatant cheaters. This anti-cheat is called 'Fairfight' and uses stats tracking in order to try and detect cheaters. This means that if someone is constantly headshotting people with their cheat, eventually anti-cheat can determine that there is a very high likelihood that they are hacking.

Best Aimbot Features:

  • Smooth Aiming (Slow Down Your Aim)
  • Limit Field Of View (Reduce Snapping)
  • Auto Bone Prioritization (Switch between different areas of the body)
  • Bullet Speed/Drop Prediction (Automatically predict for your target's movement)

What this means is that rage hacking in Battlefield games is harder than ever, so going 100/0 on the scoreboard probably isn't going to be a good idea unless you don't mind creating another game account.

What you can do however is aimbot under the radar, not being blatant about it to reduce your risk of getting caught. This means using a more advanced aimbot with more features to help you look 'legit'. These features can include having a smaller area on your screen that the aimbot activates in (called field of view), slowing down the aimbot so you aren't snapping all over the place (aim smoothing), and prioritizing other parts of an opponent's body other than their head (bone prioritization).

By making an effort to play more like a regular player and not a blatant hacker, you can trick fairfight into thinking you are a regular play and avoid its' attention. 

Of course, the benefits of an auto-aim cheat are great. You can quickly and effectively take out enemy snipers before they can get a shot off on you, or take down entire squads of opponents without having to reload by making every shot count. While aimbots are riskier in Fairfight supported games, if you're careful you can get away with using one.

Our Favorite Strategies For Using Cheats In Battlefield 2042

Sniping With Recon

With cheats, you can easily avoid enemy players using ESP, and watch the other team at all times from a safe distance. This works great for snipers who are trying to find enemy locations and opponents trying to sneak around the side of the map to cap an undefended point.

Recon players can lock on with an aimbot when sniping to make sure they don't miss - the aimbot will auto-aim at your target ensuring 100% accurate shots that are virtually impossible to dodge. An aimbot's "hold breath" function lets you line up incredibly precise long-distance shots.

The class's movement sensor isn't going to be of much use when you have wallhacks, so you can pretty much ignore this gadget. On the upside, ESP is much more useful than being able to see some basic movement of opponents.

Dominating With Assault

With their grappling hook, assault players can quickly move around the map and flank opponents more easily. Use your ESP and radar cheats to find opponents quickly and get behind them or above them. They won't know what hit them and you can take out entire squads by using map verticality to your advantage.

With the assault's ability to aim down sights quickly, this is going to make it even easier to take down other players with the help of an aimbot ensuring your shots are on point.

Support Strategy

In the traditional medic role, you're mainly going to use the ESP to check whether you can safely revive an ally or not. Support players can hold their own in a gunfight, so you can take down any nearby enemies and then switch to reviving teammates.

The support class's gadget is the least useful in Battlefield 2042. The Medigun isn't going to be of much use as it can only heal one player at a time and your aimbot won't be needed for this. But it's still a fun class to play.

Engineer Tactics

Hackers can have a ton of fun with this class, dropping down a turret to control choke points or watch your six. Engineers will often be equipped with explosives like C4 and mines, and for playing around with these, cheats are a dream come true. You can drop C4 in a hallway where your opponent isn't likely to notice it, and wait until they get close by using the ESP to monitor their position without exposing yourself. You can get a ton of kills this way, and never put yourself in any danger of getting shot.

Why Use Aimbots In Battlefield?

A big reason people use aimbots is to be able to fire at enemy players without having to worry about aiming accurately. Sometimes, aiming is incredibly difficult in competitive games and an easy solution is by using an aimbot. When an enemy is moving, it can be tough to accurately keep your crosshair over them or leading them properly. An aimbot can do this easily and instantly.

Aimbots can combat the opponent's movement in a number of ways, but the most common is by constantly being able to predict the target's position based on its last movements. Aimbots can use match and have access to all the game variables for exact player positions and that can help them provide the necessary information to fire at the ideal location to hit a target.

How Do Aimbots Work?

Aimbots are programs that work in conjunction with the game and are either patched or built explicitly to cheat in games. They take input from the game's server and act on it by predicting where a player should be. By doing this, an aimbot is able to aim at a player in a much more advanced way than what humans can do alone, without losing accuracy.

The user of an aimbot in Battlefield 2042 can configure their aimbot with options like aim smoothing, a smaller FOV (Field of view), or even auto-bone priority in order to look more legit. These options give the user the ability to look great to their friends as they completely dominate in a match, without looking like a blatant aimbotter.

How Can You Spot Aimbots?

While Fairfight and other anti-cheat systems will constantly work to detect aimbots, there are ways that you can spot them yourself even if they are under your radar. The first tell-tale sign of an aimbot use is having a very high accuracy when they haven't spent much time playing the game.

Another giveaway is a player who zips around the map in Battlefield with an SMG or Assault Rifle and has a 100/0 kill/death ratio. While someone with the decent aim can do this, it's not likely to happen without them using an aimbot.

2D Radar - 360 Degree On-Screen Information

2D Radar cheats for BF2042 let you see the locations of other players, bots, and vehicles in the game. This can work to your advantage or disadvantage. The 2D Radar can be used to spot enemy players or detect the locations of dropped weapons and gear so you can grab them while exploring the map. It's a handy feature to have since opponents don't always show up on the in-game minimap if they aren't making noise or have a particular loadout that hides them. They can't hide from a radar cheat!

Radar is safer to use than ESP because it only appears on your screen and gives you a general idea of where opponents are located. You won't accidentally end up following players with your camera through walls which can be a giveaway that you are cheating. Radar cheats are also more performance efficient than ESP or wallhacks which can slightly reduce your overall FPS.

However, the 2D Radar still has disadvantages. It may be harder to tell if an opponent is above or below you. It may also be out of your peripheral vision which can make it more difficult to track the action in-game while monitoring your radar hack.

When Will Hacks Be Available?

We can expect to see cheat developers releasing their hacks for the release of the game. With BF2042 having beta periods, cheat coders will have a chance to unpack the latest version of the frostbite engine and update their code from previous Battlefield titles to work with the latest game. That means that initially on launch there may be ESP and Radar cheats, but quality aimbots may take longer before they show up.

As with any new game from EA games, aimbot programmers will throw everything they have at the game once it's released. In my opinion, given that the game is still under development, we won't see any great cheats until after the full release.

Keep your eye out for more announcements closer to the game's release from cheating websites.

No Campaign And No Battle Royale Mode

In EA's reveal trailer for the game, you can see some of the ideas they're looking to convey with the latest game. One thing you'll notice is a number of set pieces, possibly indicating certain maps that may be included in the new game.

In many shots you'll see an abundance of soldiers, which is how the marketing team is trying to highlight the increase from 64 players in prevous Battlefield games, to 128 players in the latest release.

Something else we noticed was the focus on potential map-altering 'levolution', similar to what was found in Battlefield 4. It looks like maps may have some large scale event that plays out.

It also appears that players will have many more mobility options including glidesuits. We can't wait for lock-on aimbots to either snipe someone trying to glide down to a control point, or even take out targets on the ground while flying in yourself.

If you were looking for the most pure battlefield multiplayer experience, BF2042 looks to be giving us just that with no singleplayer campaign taking up development resources, and no battle royale mode distracting from what makes Battlefield great. For most of the cheating community that should be music to their ears since there are games that have done battle royale much better than DICE has thus far. 

New Gameplay Changes & Additions Benefit Hackers

One of the biggest changes coming to 2042 from Battlefield 5 is new futuristic weapons which are almost assuredly more deadly than many previous weapons than battlefield games set in World War 1 and World War 2. Modern weapons often have fun attachments and boast more ammunition than older historical weapons, letting you take out more enemies with a single magazine if you're locking on with a deadly bone aimbot.

Battlefield 2042 Changes:

  • The game features three main gameplay mode including Hazard Zone, a cooperative multiplayer mode and a third mode developed by DICE LA
  • Changes to the game's class system to give you more flexibility
  • The game will launch with 10 specialists, and presumably more to come

The new 128 player cap means bigger maps and more objectives to fight over, as well as more vehicles on the map at any given time. If you're a fan of Battlefield, this means even more chaos and more opportunities to hop into a jet, helicopter or tank and decimate your opponents. For cheaters, this means more opponents to eliminate and rise above to own the top of the scoreboard in a given match.

Another benefit of more players could be more opportunities to specialize into a particular role. With more vehicles in play, someone with a loadout focused on disabling enemy vehicles will have more to do without feeling like they would be better off with a more general loadout.

Special Game Editions - Which Is Right For You?

While you might be inclined to buy the most expensive version of the game to get all the bonuses like the year one pass up front, for most BF2042 hackers this is not a good idea. There is always the risk of getting banned when cheating in a game, so overspending on your copy of the game could just end up costing you more if you have to buy a new key due to a game ban.

The digital Battlefield 2042 Gold Edition contains:

Year 1 Pass: 4 New Specialists (1 per Season) and 3 Epic Skin Bundles

The digital Battlefield 2042 Ultimate Edition contains:

Midnight Ultimate Bundle (Shadow Stalker, Obsidian & Onyx)

Year 1 Pass: 4 New Specialists (1 per Season) and 3 Epic Skin Bundles

Which Platform Should You Get BF2042 On For Hacks?

The game is going to be available both on previous generation consoles like the PS4 and Xbox One, as well as current generation consoles as well as PC.

While it's possible that it will be possible to hack games on Xbox Series X and PS5 in the future, currently the only place where you can find working game hacks for current generation systems is on PC. So, for those looking to find cheats for the game you'll want to make sure your PC is up to par to be able to play the game come its' launch. You can expect to see cheats available day one so you can start ranking up fast and dominating the scoreboards with aimbots, ESP and radar cheats.

What BF2042 Cheat Features Will We See At Launch?

BF2042 Aimbot And ESP

The biggest cheat you'll see people using in BF2042 is the aimbot. This cheat lets you lock on to other players for maximum accuracy, so you can take down entire squads of opponents with the right weapon. This cheat can be quite blatant if not used carefully, so cheaters using this feature will be the most noticeable. Assuming that EA continues to use Fairfight for their anti-cheat, anyone using an aimbot will want to tone it down in order to avoid being caught by their stats-based anti-cheat.

Another big cheat is ESP, or wallhacks, which let you see players through walls and objects so you'll always know where your enemies are. A skilled player can absolutely dominate with good ESP cheats since this information along with good game knowledge and accuracy makes you almost unstoppable. ESP can show additional information like what type of vehicle is approaching, player health, weapons, tracelines as well as other information.

Radar cheats can also be helpful and are usually used along with ESP. With on-screen radar you can see dots that indicate any players or vehicles in your vicinity so you know the general area that enemies are in. While this feature isn't as powerful by itself since unlike ESP it won't tell you exactly where to aim, it still gives you additional information on your surroundings.

Of course it's possible that there will be many other types of hacks possible in the new Battlefield, but we'll have to wait until closer to launch to know more.


Hacks for Battlefield 2042 are coming! You can expect to see powerful aimbots, ESP cheats, and 2D radar hacks available for the game after it's release. If you are interested in getting access to a cheat for the game, be sure to signup on our site and let us know!