Get the game-changing  Apex Legends Hack  featuring our  Aimbot, 3D ESP & 2D Radar  that make you dominate online.

 Loaded With Game-Changing Cheat Features 

Aimbot Features

  • Visibility Checks
  • Custom Activation Key
  • Field Of View
  • Auto Fire
  • Smooth Aiming
  • Custom Targeting Priority
  • Stick To Target Option
  • Target Switching Option
  • Target Control System
  • Auto Aiming Controls
  • Bone Prioritization System
  • Ping Prediction
  • FPS Prediction
  • Bullet Speed Prediction
  • Bullet Drop Prediction
  • Aimbot Lock-On Indicator
  • Customize Lock Color/Type

3D ESP Features

  • 3D Player ESP
  • 3D NPC ESP
  • 3D Box ESP
  • Custom ESP Box Types
  • Traceline ESP
  • Head Dot ESP
  • Healthbar ESP
  • Bone ESP
  • Name ESP
  • Life Bar
  • Distance ESP
  • Weapon ESP
  • Visibility Checks
  • User-Added Waypoints
  • Custom ESP Colors
  • Customize ESP Range
  • ESP Distance Fading

Wallhax Enhanced

  • On-Screen Warning System
  • Directional Warning Indicator
  • Visible/Targeted Warnings
  • 2D Radar
  • Radar Names/Health/Distance
  • Radar Elevation Indicator
  • Customize Radar Window
  • Custom On-Screen Crosshair
  • Panic Mode (Hide Cheat)
  • Secure Wallhax Client
  • Cloud Cheat Streaming
  • Windows 10 Support
  • Easy In-Game Menu
  • Save/Load Custom Configs
  • On Screen FPS Indicator
  • Easy To Follow Cheat Guide
  • VIP Support Forum Access

powered by the wallhax cheat framework

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Instantly improve your in-game performance with Wallhax's Apex Legends hack. Features like our 3D Player ESP give you constant information on the positions of your opponents. Boost your win rate immensely as you hunt down opposing teams or keep your squad informed of the positions of opponents.

2D radar can be customized and placed anywhere on your screen to give you a 360 degree view of the locations of opponents at all time, preventing someone from getting up in your grille without your knowledge.

Configure every cheat feature through the easy-to-use in-game menu with mouse and controller support, and save your config for your next gaming session!

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  • Track other players with 3D player ESP at all times. With healthbar ESP, track the most vulnerable opponents. Name ESP lets you identify your foes, who knows when you'll run into a well-known streamer!
  • See where your opponents are at all times with our configurable 2D radar. Display a minimap-like box on your screen or customize the radar completely to your preference!
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Apex Cheat FAQ

Why Use Hacks In Apex Legends?

If you want to win more games in Apex, and earn more credits or EXP for your battle pass, hacks can help you powerlevel and get the unlocks you want. Apex cheats give you a massive advantage in the game so you can completely dominate anyone you come across, and survive to the every end of every match to claim victory.

If you're playing with team-mates it can be very frustrating if your companions get taken out quickly and you're stuck taking on entire teams. With access to cheat features that let you see exactly where other players are, and lock on to them for near perfect accuracy, you can claim victory in these situations to take the win and carry your team.

Finally, if you're tired of losing matches or playing against cheaters that you have no chance against, you can even the odds and have a lot more fun in the game. Apex is best when you're winning, and you'll be doing a lot of that with access to these cheats!

Can I Download Free Cheats For Apex Legends?

While there are free cheats available for some multiplayer games, Apex is not one of them. As the game uses Easy Anti-Cheat, and the anti-cheat developers are very quick to ban public cheats, you can't expect to use any free cheats without getting a ban on your account.

Why does this happen? Since these hacks can be freely downloaded from sites online, this means that anti-cheat developers can also easily download them and reverse engineer them. Hobbyist coders who create these free hacks typically can't secure them against reverse-engineering and they are detected quite quickly.


What Are The Best Cheat Features For Apex?

If you really want to dominate in Apex, the aimbot is king. With this feature you can very quickly and efficiently eliminate entire squads even alone. With the help of this feature you'll even be able to take down pro players by being able to deal maximum DPS with a high degree of accuracy, as well as get easy headshots to take out opponents.

Another very important feature, and best paired with the aimbot, is ESP. With the help of ESP you can see exactly where other players are at all times and set up your angle of attack. You can use this to your advantage to avoid being flanked, and to ensure you always engage the opponent from the best angle or position. ESP features like healthbars can let you identify weakened opponents, while tracelines let you see where they are looking and can let you know if your cover is blown.


Is It Safe To Hack Apex Legends?

When using any cheat in a multiplayer game, there is always a risk of being caught. Anyone who suggests otherwise is trying to mislead you, or lead you to a sense of false-security. At the end of the day, any cheat can be detected.

That being said, some cheats are safer than others, and many might never be detected by anti-cheat. Free cheats are frequently detected, but private cheats like ours can be quite a bit safer. At Wallhax we put a large focus on making our products as safe to use as possible as we want repeat business from our customers. Our security efforts start with our dedicated cheat client which can securely load your cheat into the game. Our Cheat framework that we use for all the new games we support is designed to have minimal footprints and is light-weight to avoid code-bloat that could leave added vectors for detection.

At the end of the day you should not cheat on an account you aren't willing to lose. If you can't stand the thought of being banned, it's best not to cheat in any game Apex or otherwise.


How Do PC Hacks Work?

Cheats in Apex Legends work by injecting code into the game memory, which can then change the game's visuals and enable features that normally aren't possible. These can include 'drawing' ESP on the screen over the locations of players so that you can see them at all times, even when they aren't visible, or locking your crosshair to an enemy's head for maximum accuracy.

Game hacking is quite advanced, and now we have full in-game cheat menus where you can use your mouse to configure the features like any other software program. At Wallhax, our cheat framework gives you access to a massive number of ESP features and aimbot options in every cheat we support, including Apex.


How You Can Find The Best Hacks For Apex Legends

Apex Legends is a very popular game, and it can be played in a lot of different ways. If you're trying to find an Apex Legends hack that works well for you, then there are a few questions you're going to want to ask yourself.

Your Favorite Apex Legends Features?

Start thinking about your favorite elements in Apex Legends. If there are certain components of the game that you really love, you're probably not going to want to give any of those things up. You should avoid hacks that will change those parts of the game, and you should focus on cheats that will give you more of the things that you love.

If you enjoy the game most when you're winning, you're going to want to try to find some cheats that will help you to win more. If you like using different weapons, you might want to find weapons hacks that will give you more options. You should identify the things you like most about this game so that you can get even more of the things that you love.

What Don't You Like In Apex Legends?

If there are things about Apex Legends that you don't like, then hacks are going to be perfect for you. After all, if you play with hacks, you might actually be able to remove some of the things you don't like from the game entirely.

Cheating In Apex Legends (PC)

It's okay if you don't love everything about this game; no game is perfect. Identify some of your dislikes and then look for ways to alter the game. If you change things up, you'll have a much better experience.

What Hacks Are People Using In-game?

Hacks are pretty popular, and Apex Legends is a game that's been getting quite a bit of attention. You should be able to find a few hacks that people have been discussing online, or that you're run into yourself in-game. If you look at discussions online, you might actually find people that are comfortable recommending a specific hack.

Wallhax has been offering cheats for years and consistently releases quality cheats. Apex Legends is no different, and our cheat is packed with helpful features, like our numerous customizable ESP features.

Apex Legends Aimbot?

An aimbot enables you to automatically lock-on to enemies, making killing them very easy. This is one of the more common cheats you'll see in many FPS titles like Apex Legends.

Aimbots can be used to 'rage' locking on to any visible enemy even if they're not currently in your field of view and filling them full of lead. 'Raging' with an aimbot can be quite obvious to other players as your character may be visibily snapping around to aim at different targets.

By adjusting your aimbot settings you can also continue to look 'legit' while you use an aimbot, by ensuring that you lower the area the aimbot will aim within, and add smoothing to your aim to more mimic using a mouse to aim. At Wallhax, we try to include default aimbot settings in our cheats that provide close to 'legit' settings to help you stay under the radar.

Our software now includes an APEX aimbot making it even easier to get tons of kills every round you play. Due to the game's anti-cheat protection, an aimbot is more easily detected than other features, so this is a feature you may want to use sparingly.

Where To Download Private Game Hacks

When you're deciding on the hacks that you want to use in this game, you're going to have to figure out where you'll be getting those hacks from. You should find a site that has the kind of hacks that you want, and you should also look for a site that is free of malware.

Many sites where you will find free cheats advertised like Youtube and file sharing sites will contain viruses, and the cheats won't even work. There are far more fake cheats than actual real working ones.

If you already use a lot of game hacks, then you should see if your favorite site has any hacks for Apex Legends. If you don't have much experience with hacking games, you should find some of the most popular sites for hacks. At Wallhax, we offer access to 20+ game cheats including our Apex Legends hack. With many subscribers who have been around for years, we're one of the top trusted private cheat providers.

If you ask yourself these questions, you'll be able to find the best Apex Legends hacks and get even more out of this game. Start looking for hacks and see what sort of options you have.

Our Apex Legends cheat is available only as one of our ‘Plus' standalone cheat subscriptions with limited slots.
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