Quake Champions Hack

Decimate your opponents on every map with our deadly bone aimbot for easy frags, combined with our full player ESP and 2D radar to give you the ultimate advantage online.

🎯 Deadly Aimbot

With our deadly bone aimbot lock onto opponents for maximum accuracy. With instant lock on, custom aimkey support and more, you can configure the aimbot to your liking, or use the out-of-the-box settings which are perfect for online dominance.

👓 Visual ESP

Player ESP lets you see exactly where your enemies are at all times, so you’ll always know where your next target is. Hunt down your enemies to top the scoreboard in any mode and be the MVP of the match. Our ESP features include 3D boxes, tracelines, distance information and more to give you the ultimate tactical advantage.

⚠ 2D Radar Cheats

Rounding things out, get a top down view of other players in your vicinity with our 2D radar feature. Track down your opponents and avoid being flanked with this incredibly helpful feature.

🛡 Secured Against Detection

Stay under the radar with our multi-layer anti-cheat protection. From our cheat client that securely injects our software into your game to our light-weight code designed to leave no footprint, our cheats are rarely detected and are updated as necessary for new game updates to keep you online.

Quake Champions Cheat Features

Deadly Aimbot

  • Enable Aimbot
  • Auto Aim
  • Visibility Checks
  • Field of View
  • Ping Correction
  • FPS Correction
  • BulletDrop Correction
  • BulletSpeed Correction
  • Stick to Target
  • Activation Key
  • Lock-On Message
  • ESP Cheats

  • Enable ESP
  • Line ESP
  • Name ESP
  • Distance ESP
  • Health ESP
  • Box ESP
  • HeadDot ESP
  • Traceline ESP
  • Traceline Size
  • 2D Radar

  • Show Radar
  • Radar Movement
  • Radar Size
  • Miscellaneous Features

  • In-Game Mouse Driven Menu
  • Cheat Watermark
  • Game FPS
  • Game Resolution
  • Current Time
  • Settings

  • Player Visible Color
  • Player Invisible Color
  • Crosshair
  • Save Settings
  • Load Settings
  • Move Menu
  • Resize Menu
  • Quake Champions Cheat Information

    Quake Champions is a wonderful game and has a plethora of options on offer, but it is important to maximize your effort online.

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    Change Settings On The Go

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    Full Customization

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