Warframe Damage Multiplier Hack

Increase your Damage by up to 9900% With our Warframe Damage Multiplier Cheat!

Want to boost your damage to seemingly impossible heights? Want to one shot just about any enemy in the game? This is now possible with Wallhax’s Warframe damage multiplier hack.

Wallhax has created our own private Warframe hack with a load of features to help you excel in the game. Whether you’re leveling up your Warframes and weapons, grinding out items, or farming for reputation this cheat will give you a massive advantage. Your gameplay is enhanced by features like the bone aimbot, which lets you lock onto enemies instantly and deliver extra damage with headshots to take them down quick. 3D ESP (or Enhanced Sensory Perception) lets you see the locations of all enemies around you so you can get to them quickly. And finally, the damage multiplier cheat lets you increase your damage as much as you like, so you can farm solo instances insanely fast.

And while PVE is a big part of Warframe, all these features also work in PVP so you can terrorize other players and top the scoreboards in every match you play to earn maximum standing!

With our Damage Multiplier hack for Warframe, you can open up our cheat menu and adjust your damage on the fly with a slider. This can be set from 1-99, working as a multiplier to your damage. So, a setting of 2 would be a 2x multiplier, or 200% damage. That means you can increase your weapon’s damage by up to 9900%, making even the weakest side-arm a one-shot machine.

With the damage multiplier you have a choice how much you wish to increase your damage, so you can choose to use this feature relatively safely even while playing with others in PVP. Just use a lower value that isn’t likely to attract too much attention. And, when you’re done playing with friends or randoms, go into a solo instance and crank up the damage to make your farming incredibly fast and efficient.

With a powerful feature like this, there is some risk involved. While our Warframe hack is undetected by the game client, any feature that modifies your information like this could potentially be detected by the developers eventually. So, if you want to use this feature you should consider that it could eventually result in your account being banned if the developers find a way to detect it. While we have many anti-cheat countermeasures in place, data like damage could be recorded by the server and this is not something we can protect against.

Imagine how long it normally takes you to complete missions in Warframe. If you’re speedrunning it might only be a few minutes. But imagine if you could increase your damage by even just 10 times? How much faster could you farm? You’ll see a huge increase in the amount of EXP, credits, and loot you can farm in the same amount of time in Warframe. That means you can get more done in the same amount of time and progress way faster in the game. We have had members starting the game with a fresh account and having a maxed rank 30 Warframe and weapons within 5 hours.

What can you do with our Warframe hack?

  • Rank up your Warframes and Weapons fast farming enemies in one-shot!
  • Farm for items and reputation even faster than ever before in the Plains of Eidolon map.
  • Speedrun missions and kill entire groups of enemies in seconds with our Damage Multiplier.
  • Complete an infinite number of waves in survival missions to get those high tier rewards.
  • Dominate in PVP and top the scoreboards as you kill anyone you come across.
  • …And just about anything else you can imagine!

Our Video Team members at Wallhax have been hard at work making videos showing off the power of our Damage Multiplier cheat for Warframe. Check them out:

And of course, just about every Warframe hack user on our forums is absolutely in love with the cheat and can’t get enough!

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